Friday, July 30, 2010

And Even More "Hillbilly Pencils"

Sometimes I just can't too much of a good thing and this is one of those moments when it comes to carving hillbilly pencils. Several days ago I posted all the details of how I make them here, but since then I've pumped out a few more that I thought I'd share.

From left to right in the picture to the right is what I consider to be a worm going into the wood on one side then coming out on the other side. Although it's hard to see in the picture I did wood burn a tiny face on him. The next one is the lips and tongue design for the Rolling Stones. That one has become quite popular since it's so bizarre. Oh, and there's that darn roadrunner again. Lastly is a little wizard man with his tall blue hat with a red ball on top.

In the picture to the left are a few of the unpainted pencils from above AND a few more that I'm still working on. One is a rooster and another one is my version of a coo-coo bird.

These easy little pencil carving projects make great gifts or collectibles. Right now I'm already thinking about making a simple display stand to show them off. Perhaps a foot long piece of 2 X 2 would work just fine but I'll probably go with using a straight piece of seasoned tree branch with the bottom planed flat. The natural design would go much better with this rustic wood-themed carving project.

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