Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WIP Part 3-Ladybug walking stick

The ladybug gets a couple of green leaves

I finally managed to get a couple of green oak leaves carved just below the ladybug and I think that the greenery compliments the orange well and she now feels a little more at home perching there on top of the stick. The pictures are quite explanatory but I first made a rough sketch of the leaves, one on the front and one on the back, then went on to create a raised relief carving. Instead of just laying them straight on the wood I decided that they would be more interesting if I sketched them in a slightly arched manner and sort of like the McDonald's golden arches. I think that they look a little more humble and have a more 'floating in air' look to them like this.

I have now begun carving a slightly textured handle area just below the leaves in a swirled fashion resembling a Christmas candy cane. Not sure how I will color this area just yet but most likely it'll be an earth tone. I have also begun carving a woodspirt just under the handle and that's probably where I'll end this project. More later and thanks for looking.


  1. Congratz on the article. I'll have to go look it up this weekend on our Friday bookstore visit.

  2. You're right, the green leaves look great! Ladybugs, leaves, spirals, woodspirits, that's going to be one great looking stick.


  3. Dave! I've got the checkbook ready for the ladybug come September!--Emily

  4. I want to know how much one of these cost!!! I have been looking for a ladybug cane for over a year now. please contact me at squeaksqueaker@yahoo.com