Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The March Of The Penguins Is On!

If you scroll back to my post on November 21st about how to carve "Simple Simon" the penguin, this is an update upon my own progress to carve a small army of penguins. Of course Christmas presents are heavy on my mind and this little fellow is going to be the star of this years celebration.

So far I'm up to 10 little penguins with two completely painted and finished. I have found that this carving project is just perfect for making some great little presents if you haven't yet started on your own present list for this year.  If you haven't started then may I suggest Simple Simon.

By observing the picture to the left then you can see how convenient this penguin is to produce. I cut several 1" X 1" pieces of basswood at approximately 6" long so that I could carve two birds  from one piece of wood. This way I had a good "handle" to grip while I carved one penguin at a time, then when both were finished I cut them in half with the bandsaw leaving a thin stand for each.

I carried several of the basswood blocks around with me in the cargo pockets of my pants so along with my handy Carvin' Jack knife I could work on them whenever I had a few free minutes. Now that I'm to the painting process I'm thinking about starting a another smaller flock of "baby" penguins that can be following Simon around on the ice. Now wouldn't that make the cutest gift!?!


  1. I've done a few of them already myself.. they sure are quick and fun! I like your cute little wattle of penguins. :D And yes.. little fluffy grey babes would be darling!


  2. Dave, You are absolutely correct! They're fast and not too difficult, and the kids love them. Those are well done too.

  3. Thanks Marcia and Tom and I'm glad that you liked my little ice birds. You both gave me a lot of inspiration at WCI to get this project going.

  4. Dave,
    Could you provide some pics and measurements.

  5. mbluenavy@yahoo.com