Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Paw-Track BackScratcher

This carving project began several weeks ago and was intended to be a Christmas present but somewhere during the hustle and bustle of the season, a full-time job, and the biggest snow storm of the decade it just didn't quite get finished on schedule. Now that things are settled down I decided to pick it up again today for a little finish sanding and that is where the progress now stands.Like most of my carved backscratchers and spoons I make them from the dried, fallen limbs of the many tulip poplar trees here on my side of the mountain. The limb wood works so good for these type of practical carving projects providing such a strong  handle  that sands down to a fine finish.

As you can see in the first picture I started with a limb that had a slight arc already in place and this one is at just the right angle to reach that really hard to scratch spot on your back. I've found that when carving a backscratcher it seems to work best when there is just a slight arc. Another new addition is the paw scratcher head, sort of like a little footprint. I suppose that it'd pass for a hillbilly backscratcher althought I think those look best when they resemble more of a human foot.

Now that I've finished the sanding I'm thinking about what I'd like to carve in the handle. I'm just not sure right now but I'll post some more pictures when I do decide. Have a great 2010!

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  1. Dave, Your head must just be plumb full of neat ideas for carving and whittlin. Keep sharing them with us.