Sunday, April 4, 2010

Carving More Basswood Necklaces

I've been carving on so many projects during the last week that I haven't found time to post the progress so I'm going to  try and play a round of catch-up.

The first update is found in the picture to the right where I'm currently working on carving ten new basswood hippie necklaces that I will give away at our upcoming Conclave Scouting event on the North Carolina coast later this month. You can find more information on how I carved them here. The kids in woodshop class have expressed a LOT of interest in carving this project so I'll be getting that set up for next sessions classes too.

The picture to the immediate right shows the beginnings of several new necklace ideas that are in the earliest stages of development. From left-to-right I'm holding a flower, and a heart to wear on Valentines Day. Next is a tiny totem pole that I'd like to replace the "stamped" out Indian on my Scout service necklace. The simple "O" necklace will be a tiny dreamcatcher necklace. Remaining are the American flag, a four-leaf clover, and a cross. I will show the progress of each necklace as they are completed.

I never imagined having so much fun making wood necklaces from small pieces of basswood scraps but I stand to be surprised yet one more time!

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  1. what a wonderful idea and project dave, very nice, can't wait to see them completed, thanks for posting this for us to see, arleen