Friday, July 3, 2009

Profile: The Slingshot Man

I've been away for a week taking care of personal business and didn't have time to update the blog but I'm back for now. Thanks for all the comments and I'll answer them ASAP and I'll post my latest carving project soon.

Meantime I wanted to post this link to one of the most amazing old timers that I've ever seen and he lives only about a two hour drive from me in North Carolina. His name is Rufus, he lives with no telephone or TV, and he's made over 4,156 slingshots since 1952. As the video shows, Rufus is the best there is when it comes to hitting a target. Absolutely amazing!


  1. Very interesting, Dave. He's neat ol' boy for sure. You called him an old timer, and he's only 65.....

  2. Glad that you liked the video of this one fine gentleman of only 65 years young. :) This guy has inspired me to start a plan for making myself a slingshot. I even ordered the rubber today! Now I've got to get some nice dogwood cross pieces in the drying.