Thursday, July 30, 2009

Using Progressive Models: Carving Simple Sam the Owl

I've been using simple progressive carving models for many years in my carving classes with kids. I've got them for carving a woodspirit, a totem pole, ball-in-the-cage, wooden chain, a pinewood derby car, etc. Most kids are very visual and if they're able to actually see the progressing steps of a carving then I've learned that they have a MUCH greater rate of success. They are also great fun and practice for adults too.

That's why I was so inspired by Tom's recent posting of just such a step by step set up in carving a simple owl. Thank's so much for this neat little project Tom! I've been working on it for a couple of days now whenever I could squeeze in a few extra minutes. I decided to add an extra step to mine with the #7 as pictured above. I just thought that it would be a little more appealing in my classes if it included an example of the finished carving, or at least an example to spark some additional inspiration from the kids to make it uniquely theirs. I also rounded out the breast a little more, separated the feet, and carved some BIG round owl eyes if the aspiring carver wants to take it to the next level. Also since taking the picutures above I have put on a very shiny finish which really makes it stand out.

Oh yeah, like most of my pets (and I do love my little owl) I have given it a name. "Simple Sam" the owl is now looking forward to a long career of modeling for many a new carver and I'm glad to add him to my class. Happy carving and welcome home Sam!

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