Sunday, August 16, 2009

WIP-Part 1: Sourwood Woodspirit

WIP= "Work In Progress"

I managed to get this thick-bearded woodspirit mostly carved last week. I picked up a piece of well seasoned sourwood about a foot tall and about 5" in diameter. This chunk of wood had originally been slotted for a bear carving by one of my students but for one reason or another he set it aside... (and I picked it up). I decided to go with the thick fire-flame looking hair and beard which I haven't done in a while. Such beard and hair give the woodspirit such a bold look that can't be found with any other methods of carving it and I've grown to like this particular style.

I probably spent about an hour on it so far and I hope to finish it up this coming week if I can squeeze in a few minutes for painting and finishing. I was thinking about mounting a short red stubby candle on top but haven't decided on that for sure just yet. I'll post a finished picture shortly... that is if it doesn't embarrass me too much! Thank's for taking a look.

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