Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here's A School (and a woodshop teacher) That's Doing Things Right !

At a time when our schools are "scrapping" for funding here's a school and a woodshop teacher who found a way to make it happen.  As this video shows, Buljan Middle School in Roseville, California is apparently an exceptional school that has found a way to elevate their curriculum by studying music which even includes making their own guitar in Duane Calkin's woodshop class. A good article on Duane's program can be found at the Roseville Press-Tribune. It's nice to find a school that's not only doing things right, but a school that's exceeding expectations for their students far and beyond. Just watch this video and follow Duane's link above and you'll see for yourself.

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  1. dude ch.dave u got to show me how to do that man