Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Igloo Tour (And The Tools We Used To Build It)

With the best winter weather in years I just can't seem to get enough "snow" to satisfy my needs which is something that's been building up inside me for many years... so many years just waiting for that next great storm. Finally this winter it has come in an abundance, almost back-to-back, and dashing some very deep snows on us week after week. Therefore I don't want to forget this great snowfall and all the adventure that it has inspired in my own wanderings of my woody trails and the opportunities that it has provided me as a teacher.

The first part of this video takes you on a short tour of our first igloo both on the outside then a good look at the inside of the ice walls. It is my hope that you will get a "feel" for an igloo by following me inside for a moment to see what it's all about. The second half of the video is a short review of the tools that we used to make and shape the snow blocks. Be sure and dress warm for this project and in layers so that you can peal them off as the work heats up your body. Also use plenty of caution during building the ice walls and after the igloo is finished because it will still be somewhat fragile until you allow it to freeze during the night. After the igloo has sustained freezing temperatures overnight the ice walls will fuse together quite nicely into one solid block of ice making the natural structure very strong.


  1. Snow is a lot of fun when you have kids who love rolling around in it. But as for us adults. We have lost our "love and awe" for the white stuff. Instead of snow days and snowball fights and forts....We see "shovel, late for work, brush off the car. etc. Sometimes being a kid just sounds better...

  2. Thanks fo sharing your experiance of building an Igloo, we just had a snow dump today and I thought this would be a great way to spend some time scouts tonight.
    Calgary Alberta