Monday, February 8, 2010

A Random Minute During A Woodshop Class

This is a quick one minute clip from one of my woodshop classes last week. We build, carve, and burn a variety of projects but, like today,I find that students achieve the greatest success if they concentrate mainly on practicing simple woodshop techniques then gradually progress to a higher level.

This video gives you a very quick glimpse into a typical day of woodshop classes where approximately 60 kids each week have the hands-on opportunity to learn new skills. Unfortunately woodshop programs in our elementary and middle schools are disappearing at a rapid rate which is sad since such a program so perfectly compliments their conventional "in the desk" classes. And education experts wonder why boys are doing so poorly in school during the last decade.

Boys weren't made to sit still all day and listen to lectures. Boys learn best when they have a well balanced curriculum where "hands-on" and action/adventure based learning is part of their day. When educators figure this out then our next generation of boys will have a much greater chance of achieving great things.


  1. What well-behaved students! Are they always that quiet? --- They definitely look invested in their projects!
    (Mike B.)

  2. Most of the time woodshop serves as the best non-drug tranquilizer for kids (and adults too). Just something about concentrating on a project with your hands and mind that put you into another world that nobody can enter until you're ready. Sometimes that "tranquility" gets sharply interrupted by me if anyone is so involved with their project that safety takes a back seat.

    Hope that all is well in Beantown. :)