Sunday, March 14, 2010

Camp Raven Knob: Spring Work Day Event

This weekend I participated with more than 100 Scouts and Scouters at Camp Raven Knob in the first work oriented event of 2010. This was an Order of the Arrow sponsored event by Wahissa 118  but as you can see from the picture to the right, PackMaster Nathan (in blue shirt) was also leading a very motivated group of his Cubs on a conservation project. These boys were too young to be OA members but these kids were a big help and welcomed partners for their cheerful service.

Friday night the rains fell extremely hard on the 3,200 acre Scout reservation but on Saturday morning the sun broke through for wonderful working conditions. As seen in the picture to the right my first crew helped clear several fallen trees that were left from the tremendous winter snowfall leaving trails blocked off everywhere.

Camp ranger Dave Whitfield had already cut up the trees so that we could haul them off the mountain for pick-up. By the way that is Raven Knob in the background so we had a beautiful backdrop in scenery as we cleared the brush and others dug holes for night lights, and erosion control on this trail leading to the Wahissa Lodge building.

As seen in the next picture the afternoon brought back more rainfall so many chores were brought inside. Below one crew is busy in the massive sized dining hall giving the floor the loving attention that it needed. Others are seen cleaning the air duct system that runs throughout the ceiling like a creeping creature from outer space.

Even with inclement weather shadowing our every move, the Scouts who turned out for this event are the cream of crop in my opinion. Unlike other OA events such as Conclave, Spring and Fall Fellowship, this was strictly a work day and a time for living up to the OA code of cheerful service to others. But when you're working together as a team for a cause greater than any one person, a lot of fun can always be found.

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