Friday, March 12, 2010

WIP: Scrap Stick Bill Is Now "Fat Lips Bill" (Part 3- Final)

 WIP= "Work in Progress"

Bill is now finally finished and what a fine old chap he is! After finishing and studying his face for a day, I've now decided that Bill has been given the behind-his-back name of "Fat Lips Bill" by the hard working crew that he manages at an auto mechanics business.

Bill is the boss and he's got a quick (and quite intelligent) come-back to just about any sarcastic remark that comes his way. He's mostly fair, loud, smart, funny, no-nonsense when it comes to getting the job done right, and everyone realizes that he's the best man for the job of boss. But like any workplace setting the undercurrent still exists among the workers because that's just what employees do.

Yes, Bill's lips are a bit large but as the boss that's an attribute to his advantage because when he's throwing out direction in a very loud mechanics garage a bull horn isn't necessary. People hear Bill immediately and right after a quirky jerk of the neck to face the direction of his vibrant voice, those workers literally jump onto the job at hand without a whimper. Joke as they might about his big fat lips, Bill takes good care of his people because production is always far over and above expectations. Bill is a good man at heart and he pays his people very good for their hard work.

I used watered down acrylic paints to finish Bill and the rhododendron wood always takes on the finish well. The cigar was also made from a dry rhododendron twig that I cut off the undergrowth of a healthy mountain bush just a few days ago and I set it into his mouth by first drilling a 3/8" deep hole then applied wood glue for a firm grip. Bill was a really fun project and he's earned a nice spot on the nik-nak shelf but I sure do wish that he'd brush his teeth!

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