Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hard Drive Crashed, Then Burned

I hate getting the dreaded blue screen because it's usually bad news about something that's gone wrong with my system. On the other hand I have always enjoyed the challenge of finding my own solutions to the culprit. Usually I can find a workable solution within short order, then back to blogging I can go.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to post in quite a while because this time I lost the hard drive. I'd like to think that I also solved this situation successfully too because even after running in and out of everything from the bios and every other imaginable "blue screen" I knew that the hard drive had failed. Software detection programs verified the same thing. Fortunately I didn't give up and found one last "back door" into the hard drive after more slick  manipulation combined with an adequate dose of sweet talk, then just when I was done it smoked and burned into ancient history forever. That last window into the drive saved all of the files which hadn't been backed up. Fortune again that I'm also a back-up fanatic so I already had all of my high priority files on another safe drive long before any problems.

The good news is that I'm anxious to get back to posting more of my projects, activities, and adventures. All is now fixed and most of my software is back in place. If you aren't backing up your high priority data then I would encourage you to do it so that when it happens to you (and it will happen) it will only be a minor inconvenience instead of a major disaster. It feels good to be back and a new posting will follow shortly.


  1. WOW, what a bummer! But glad you're up and running again! Thought you might have disappeared into virtual Never Never Land!!

    Beantown Mike :)

  2. Only vanished off the cyber screen for a short time so any lingering "psyche" damage is now getting better. After all of the "withdrawal" shaking stopped I was able to find a workable solution. As a matter of fact things got a little better due to this disaster since I upgraded to Windows 7 which is looking good. It's so good to be back in my comfort zone!

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