Friday, June 4, 2010

WIP: Carving Totem Sticks Re-Visited (part 2 of 3)

It's been a little longer that I had anticipated to update with my latest progress on carving a new totem stick which I started a few postings back here. As you can see from the picture to the left all of the carving has been completed, the wings attached, and I also decided to accentuate the detail with my woodburning pen.

During the last year I have begun to contrast a lot of my carvings by woodburning the detail which I'm beginning to like very much. So much that I'm afraid that it might be altering my carving/finishing style as my carving methods and personal style continues to evolve.
To the right you can see my progress (prior to woodburning) on the middle "duck" character where all of the carving has been finished except for the two round eyes. I've used the duck on many of my totem poles over the last decade and it's one character that I really enjoyed developing.

Like anything in carving, when I want to come up with a new object in carving I just do my research in the field guides, then add my own style to its design until I come up with something that I like. Although I have come up with a general design, I must say that it comes out a little bit different with every carving whether in color, detail, or style. Back to the "evolving" thing I suppose.
To the left you see the bottom character which is a little bit mystical in that it's probably part human and part animal. Not exactly sure what the story is that I'm trying to translate at this point but this will most certainly add an interesting angle when it does hit me.

As usual I first sketched it off on the wood then began moving away the waste wood until I achieved the depth that felt good, the dimension that felt right, and the overall aesthetic complement that added to the overall completion of my vision.

Next I will present the completed pole in all its color.

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