Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Indian Walking Stick- (Black Birch)

Sweet Birch Catkins (Male & Female)Image by milesizz via Flickr
Lately I've been on a roll and I'm turning out a LOT of carvings. That's due mainly to two major fund raising auctions that both land in September. The Indian walking stick that is posted to the left is different from the one that I posted on September 11th here but just as nice in my opinionated opinion. (Ha)

On this Indian I put a turquoise and red headband in place which gives it his distinctive Indian appeal. I used a nice piece of sweet birch that I cut less than a year ago so it carved quite nicely. Some folks call it black (or cherry) birch which are also correct.

Within the month it will soon find space for show and tell in a yet to be know home where I hope it can be enjoyed for many years.

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