Sunday, September 20, 2009

Carving An Indian In Sourwood

I put together a new YouTube video on carving an Indian in a chunk of sourwood. Check it out. It sold at yesterdays fundraising auction and now has a good new home.


  1. Great video! Nice step by step instructions.

  2. Love the sculpture in its natural state...the natural wood...curious why you wanted to paint it?

  3. In retrospect, that's a very good question. To be honest I was very pleased with the carving all the way until I finished the paint job and on this particular piece I had a hard time getting to where I wanted to go. My first coating of sealer evidently didn't take so when I put on the antique wash it soaked in way too much leaving an unsatisfactory dark color. Another coat of heavy sealer then another attempt at skin tone left the carving ok but not my best. Yes, in retrospect I wish that I'd put a natural finish on him. Thanks for your honesty.