Sunday, September 6, 2009

Website Fixed

Since I've received several messages about my main website being down for over two months I finally followed the mystery to its source. At first I just thought that it had reached its monthly bandwidth limit... but it still didn't come back after a month.

After de-cyphing the technical jargon from the technicians at Tripod I interpreted it to simply mean that they had changed the WWW addresses of all their old customers like me who've been with them since 1998. The home page would open and "flip" to the new address but all of the links were dead ends. I simply needed to create a new folder in my file manager then put everything in it. Presto! Everything started working right again after a simple 5 minute modification.

Sorry to those who wanted to use the site but it seems to be working fine again now. Just let me know about any dead links and I'll get right on it. By the way, Tripod is a free web hosting server so if you're still using Internet Explorer then you'd better have your pop-up blocker turned on. If you want to navigate sites like this, never seeing a pop-up or not even the flash advertisements then I'd suggest that you install the Foxfire Browser. After installing begin to explore the thousands of add-on's that will personalize and transform the way that you browse the internet. I've been using Firefox for years and can't imagine going back to Explorer. Highly recommend.

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