Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Scout Slide # 2: OA Lodge Indian

Carving neckerchief slides is something new to me and something that I've been meaning to get to for many years. Finally the slide bug has bitten hard enough that I'm now hooked on them.

For beginners I really love carving in-the-small so the slides fit the bill for this need. Secondly, they offer an endless opportunity for creativity since just about any idea, far or wide, can work for a slide. Thirdly, I've recently become active in the Order of the Arrow so that leads right into number four... slides are practical in that this is a carving that can be worn to Scouting events.

Anyhow, I just finished my second slide which is an Indian with an eagle head dress. My first slide was a miniature totem pole which I posted on August 31st and can be found here. I decided to personalize it with some additional woodburning
Tipi - American Indian tentImage by Mr Wabu via Flickr
to bring attention to my OA Lodge, Wahissa 118. Perhaps one day when I'm long gone then it will become a collectors item. :)

I carved it from a small piece of basswood the exact size of a Jenga Block which was 1" X 3" X 3/8". I first sketched the pattern onto the wood then cut out the waste wood around the eagle wings with the scroll saw. Next I went on to carve all the detail and my Flexcut mini pelican blade was a pleasure to work with on this small carving. After it was completed I then used my detail woodburner to add the feather texturing on the eagle and the Wahissa lettering. The "118" number was painted on with burnt umber and a very small detailing paint brush. I used watered down acrylic paints for the color and gloss polyurethane for the final finish. Oh yeah, I also cut out and attached the rounded slide on the rear side with wood glue and clamping.

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