Sunday, January 24, 2010

2 X 4 Jeep Update

After a few more days, finding a minute here and a minute there, I have finally finished the paint job on the 2 X 4 jeep that I posted here. This is the kind of a project that is just fine without a paint job and if you were to sell them painted then you'd surely go broke. A detailed paint job like this takes a lot of time so you do it because you have a love for detail, or in my case as a woodshop teacher there might be one other reason.

When constructing any project I always like to have at least one example of the possibilities for what "can be done" for the students in my woodshop class. Most of them won't take the project this far and that's ok but I still just want them to see what can be done. That's important because once in a while I will most surely be surprised when that one kid will take the challenge and that will be worth it all!

I decided to go with the camouflage look for the overriding theme but I suppose that it isn't exactly an official U.S. Army issue jeep since I also gave it a touch of "wild" with bright interior colors with a funky spare tire case to boot! Those kinds of twists in finishing a project make it a little more interesting and I like it when someone looks at it and says, "Are you perhaps a little bit crazy?" as they smile in approval.

As mentioned in the previous post I suggested that this project might be most successful in the hands of older kids and that a simpler 4-wheeled car/truck might be best for the younger kids. As seen in the picture above I've included a couple of easier project ideas for the younger woodworkers. Both the truck and the car can be easily made in usually one or two woodshop classes from a piece of 2 X 4 scrap. As a matter of fact quite a few of my older students like to make these easy cars too because after all they are a lot of fun to push around and best of all, they made it with their own hands.