Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow,.. Let It Snow!

Seems like I was just here talking about the big snow of 2009.  Looks like it's a double header this winter since the North Carolina mountains got hit with another blizzard yesterday, leaving behind anywhere from 10" to 14" in our area depending on where the measurement was taken. I attempted to build another snowman but this snow was more dry-like and "powdery" so I couldn't get it to stick together. Looks like a walk in the woods was my only other option so I grabbed a few emergency survival items, put on a pair of good snow boots, then took off to the woods for a climb up the mountain behind my house.

I shot this first video just as I reached the summit of the mountain.

The second video is my favorite and it's a good example of stumbling upon the unexpected while hiking in the woods. I had broken away from the beaten trail heading straight down the mountain on one of my favorite ridges when suddenly this pileated woodpecker swooped down out of nowhere screaming his bloody-murder yell. For a minute I thought that he was going to attack me like something out of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" but he just wanted me to leave the area where a very big feast was taking place and this bird didn't want to share! Anyhow, the video below will explain everything.

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  1. we have piliateds in our area too. they are very cool and they have several treees hacked out just like that one! very cool shot of what they can do to a dead tree.