Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hands In Motion: Gateway to Working Wood

There's something about hands in motion that wields amazing power inside our minds. When our hands are engaged with a tool working wood there is no doubt about it; our demeanor is calmed, our head becomes clear, and our minds transition, almost without notice, into the creative right side of the brain. This is the point where working wood becomes powerful  therapy in our lives and I actually believe that it makes us better people whenever we can enter that almost "magical" side of working wood.

When my students reach a level in woodshop class where they're more independent, I see this occur all the time as they're hands become a conduit in harmony with their mind as they carve, shave, shape, or mold the wood into beautiful objects. These students have intense focus and it's hard to distract them when they've entered the gates on the right side of their brain where anything is possible. When it happens I'm usually the only one who knows what is going on and I just grin with satisfaction because I know that kid has entered a special place and is at peace if only for a few minutes. They don't ask questions, they don't look up, and they don't hear any distractions. Their focus is intense yet they are simultaneously relaxed and peaceful.

I can only hope that they will continue on a path of woodworking throughout their lives, long after leaving my woodshop class because I'm convinced that working wood can be a strong catalyst for making us much better  people in all that we do. I see it happen every day.

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  1. That was very beautifully written, Dave.