Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wow! Blog's One Year Anniversary Today

Today marks the one year anniversary for my blog. In the beginning I wasn't sure where it would go but after a while it became a living part of my daily life . I was determined right from the beginning that my blog wouldn't take over my life in a way that was like "work". It would be a labor of love for sharing information about the things that I care about and nothing more.

Nothing to sell, nothing to peddle; just a means to get something out of my head that was screaming to be told. I refused to become a "slave" to my blog so if I suddenly lost interest, then there would simply be nothing to post  and without apology. Fortunately, I never reached that point and the blog hasn't dominated my life but rather it has enriched my purpose in life tenfold.

I love to share information, I love to write, and I love the art of creation... whether in the form of carving a piece of wood into a beautiful admired object or by crafting words and pictures together to paint the stories which flood my mind and beg to be written.

Looking back over the last 151 posts the most interesting discovery of this blogging experience has been the realization that I've created a "fingerprint" glimpse into who I am. Studying a blog is a great way to find out about what a person is all about and I believe that my blog presents that window for others to explore, learn, and perhaps in the process, become a better person. If you aren't blogging then I would greatly encourage you to consider it, whatever your interests might be. The stories that I choose to share are about the things I care about the most so it's something that comes out of my heart and not something that comes from being a slave to duty.

As the years roll by I'm sure that the "trails" in my life will continue to evolve and I hope that the direction of the blog will reflect those changes, whatever they might be. Thanks to all who have followed my postings over the last year and it is my greatest hope that what I've shared has added something meaningful to the quality of your own lives. Many Happy Trails!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DAVE! I love your blog and I want to say congrats for having such a unique, honest, and fun blog! I enjoy reading it so much!

  2. Happy Anniversary from me too! I've enjoyed reading your blog.. and I've been inspired by your stories and carvings. I hope you continue on for another year for that second year anniversary! Thank you. Marcia.