Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm Just Walkin'

I've been following an interesting adventure of one man's walk across America that I thought I'd share. His name is Matt and he's pushing a little cart that is loaded with all his gear from New York to Oregon. The best part is that you can closely follow his adventures as he updates his website via a smartphone, sometimes several times a day with the photos of the people, places, and his other experiences so you're never more than just a few hours behind him.

You can find him at his website I'm Just Walkin' . Just click on the sidebar calender to get caught up on his journey then you're on your way. A good interview about his journey can be found on John Greenfield's blog.Matt meets kindly folks along the way who let him camp in their yards, fields, or barn and sometimes right in a real bed with a nice hot meal to boot. He also has an ongoing roll of awesome mailboxes along the way which are quite interesting. Matt is a great writer/photographer and you will quickly get addicted to his descriptive captions which tell his story well.

I've always been interested in the adventurous pursuits of others since I've had a few of my own adventures over the years and I'm especially interested in common people that do extraordinary things.Give him a visit. Who knows; it might be you out there looking for adventure one day!


  1. I discovered the I'm Just Walkin' just yesterday and spent a while going back through the days of his journey so far! I also recall a man who was walking on the Mountains to Sea trail and blogging about it a while ago, but I cannot seem to locate the web address. He was keeping his notes on some sort of trail journey website collective on the internet somewhere. I wish the I'm Just Walkin' site contained more descriptions of what he experiences, along with the pictures! I am sure there are more people out there doing this, and I am going to try to find more websites and blogs of that nature. Here is one I enjoy following:
    This guy is driving around the world in a Land Rover, shipping it, of course, across bodies of water. It is quite fascinating!

  2. Thanks for the link to Nick's website. Wow! I can't imagine driving a Land Rover around the world, but I'll have to stick with my little backpack until I get that first million dollars saved up. :) The knowledge gleaned from these personal adventure blogs is amazing and I only wish that I'd had an internet connection back in the 1970's!