Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bald Headed Woodspirit Walking Stick

Here's another very popular walking stick that I've been carving pretty regularly for about five years now. This type of woodspirit adds a somewhat much fuller "3-D" face that extends around all sides of the stick top. The top few inches of this sourwood stick were slightly twisted and thus added an additional nice
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look to the woodspirit face.

Carving a more complete face on the top of a walking stick does add an exciting new challenge especially if you're accustomed to the one-sided woodspirit faces. Attempting the the full head will take your carving to the next level so go ahead and give it a try! In doing so I would first suggest that you do a search and study some bald heads and especially look at the rear side where the skull dips back to the inside toward the back and shoulders.

The stick ended up bringing in $44.00 at our annual fundraiser auction in September so the money went to a good cause and I also know that "Baldy" has a new good home for many years to come.

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