Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Carving a Nametag For My Scout Uniform

Here's a little video/slideshow that I put together on how I made a nametag for my Scout uniform. It's a great little project that I just completed last week and now folks can easily see who I am at all the Scout gatherings.

I used a thin 1/8" thick piece of scrap basswood that measured 3" X 1-1/2". It was a pleasure to carve but a project this small requires some intense concentration and patience. After the carving
boy scout badgeImage by Leo Reynolds via Flickr
was completed I then did some background texturing with my woodburning pen which added a nice touch. Next, I very carefully painted it with simple acrylics watered down slightly then I attached a pin on the rear side with contact cement. When everything was good and dry I sealed it with a flat satin polyurethane.

I enjoyed wearing it to our last scouting event and it got a lot of compliments... especially from those (everyone else) who were wearing those standard factory stamped nametags. Nothing like personalizing a nametag that is custom made by you for a unique woodcarving project on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Happy carving!

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