Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Simple Woodspirit Face- Just The Steps In Brief

I thought that it might be beneficial for some new carvers to have access to a very brief look at just the steps which is a supplement to the two videos posted below on carving a simple woodspirit face. This video is a look at the very learning stick that I've been using for the last couple of years for teaching the kids in my woodshop class and Boy Scout woodcarving classes to try their hands at carving a woodspirit face.

Learning sticks are one of the most powerful tools that I have for teaching in my woodcarving class arsenal. If a new aspiring student can actually "see" with thier eyes and actually "feel" the steps in carving with thier hands, then I have found that their confidence in learning a new skill is greatly enhanced by ten fold.

Although it's not like having an "actual" example of carving in your own hands, it is my sincere hope that these videos will still be of some help to those that want to explore their own hands at carving a face. If you want to learn bad enough then you will surely get to a point where you'll want to move to the next level in carving. Don't give up and just stay with it day after day until something "clicks". If you do that then I can almost guarantee that you will eventually have many carvings that will make you proud. "Just carve!"

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